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Metal Wires

Stainless Steel Wire

Item No.: wire-001
Sakaguchi offers high quality 200, 300, 400 series stainless steel fine wires with diameter range from 0.08 to 2.00mm; soft annealed, 1/4 hard, 1/2 hard, full hard.
Main grades: 304, 304L, 304H, 316, 316L, 316Ti, 309, 309s, 310, 310s, 321, 314, 430 etc.




Soft Wire Size Range:  0.08 - 2.00 mm

Hard Wire Size Range:  0.10 - 3.00 mm

Tolerance and Roundness:  see our tolerance and roundness chart

Stainless Grades:  AISI/SUS 200, 300 & 400 series or other equivalent international grades, see our cross-reference table of international stainless steel grades and reference table on common SS grades,

Hardness:  W1, W2, W1/4H, W1/2H, WPA, WPB (Soft Annealed, 1/4Hard, 1/2Hard, Full Hard)

Tensile Strength and Elongation:  see our wire mechanical property chart

Surface Finish:  Bright or Matte

Packing:  Spool / Coil / Stand / Drum, Customizable weight and length per spool, see our spool geometry and winding weight chart



Knitting / Weaving / Braiding Wires - For applications such as knitting and weaving mesh or braiding hoses, the wire diameter required usually range from 0.15 - 0.70mm, with bright surface finish. Sakaguchi's weaving wire have excellent corrosion and heat resistance, are oxygen-free solid-solution treated, with bright and smooth surface.

Springs Wires - With varies types of surface coating, including bright naked wire, soap film wire, resin wire, colomony film wire. Suitable for high speed automatic spring forming.

Rope Wires - With bright and clean surface, ropes and cables made from our stainless steel wires are aesthetically pleasing and widely used in new architecture and ornamnt applications.

Brush Wires - High strength stainless steel wire from our unique strait wire manufacturing process can be used to make steel brushings.

Wire for Re-drawing - By fully considering the mechanical properties and operations involved, we can produce wire more suitable for re-drawing

Wire for EPQ - with bright or matte finish, suitable for electro-polishing operations with end product in the kitchen / bathroom ware and medical fields.

Needle Wires - Suitable for the manufacturing of medical, fishing and knitting needles.

Straightened Rods - Manufactured with high speed automatic straightening machines that combines the process of drawing, straightening, grinding and cutting.

Cut-off Wire - Straightened and cut-off per the customer's specifications, as well as blasting balls used for polishing castings.




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